Western Experts Saudi Arabia Co.  Ltd.(WESA) is a well-known name in the telecommunications business with a history of more than 38 years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. WESA is affiliated with selected global telecommunications product and service providers in multiple endeavors including the complete range of telecommunications systems and equipment for telephones, mobile radio, mobile telephone, IP telephony, outside cable plant, premises distribution, paging, closed circuit television, microwave radio systems and point-to-point / multi-point wireless converged networking solutions. We therefore, have the confidence, expertise, dependability and resources to perform and bring large-scale projects to a successful completion.


(WESA) has been selected to engineer, install and maintain telecommunications systems throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There are examples from virtually every market segment within the currently installed base. Major clients are as follows:

Financial Institutions:

  • Bank al Jazira

  • Arab National Bank

  • CTC Investment

  • Saudi Arabian Investment Bank

  • API Corporation

  • Saudi Hollandi Bank

  • Riyad Bank

  • Jazirah Bank

  • American Express S. A. Ltd.


  • Marriot Hotel, Riyadh

  • Holiday Inn, Jubail

  • Holiday Inn, Yanbu

  • Sands Hotel, Jeddah

  • Oberoi Hotel, Dammam

  • New Guest Palace

  • International Hotel, Dhahran

  • Prince Abdullah Palace

  • Prince Majid Palace

  • Villa Rosas Residential Compound

  • Gulf Jadawel Residential Compound

  • Pearl Beach Residential Compound

  • Danah Compound

Multi National Corporations:

  • Lucent Technologies Network

  • Pepsi Cola (several sites)

  • Lockheed

  • Siemens

  • General Dynamics

  • Bechtel

  • Komatsu Heavy Equipment

  • Hughes Air Craft

  • McDonnell Douglas (several sites)

  • Stone and Webster (several sites)

  • Mobil Oil

  • General Electric

  • Raytheon

  • Boeing

  • McDonnell Douglas

  • British Aerospace


  • Saudi American Int. School

  • Saudi Navy School, Dammam

  • MODA Training School, Al-Kharj

  • King Fahad Library

Transportation Industry:

  • Saudi Govt. Railroad Organization

  • King Khalid International Air Port

  • King Abdulaziz I.A.

  • Qasim Air Port

  • Sharura Air Port

  • Navy Air Port Jubail

Healthcare Industry:

  • King Faisal Specialist Hospital

  • Hammadi Hospital

  • King Khalid I.A. Hospital

  • Dr. Habib Medical Clinic


Year Established

+ 50







Cable Systems 

-Turnkey, Multi-Media Communications Systems

-Outside Plant Cable Systems and Equipment

-Premises Distribution Systems (PDS), Systimax

-Control Room Video Walls

-Microwave Radio Systems


-VHF and UHF Radio Systems

-Satellite Communications Systems

-Satellite and Cable Television Systems

-Telephone Systems and Equipment (from key systems to central office switches.)

-Telecommunications Consultancy and Provision of Technical Man Power

-Distribution of the full line of AVAYA Telecommunications (Used to be AT&T/LUCENT Technologies)

products and related technologies.

-Services to install and maintain telecommunications equipment and systems.

-Private Networks (voice and data)


-Airport Communications

-CCTV Systems

-Building Management System BMS

-Fire Alarm Systems.

-Public Address Systems

-Nurse Call Systems

-Master Clock Systems

-Access Control Systems

-Intrusion Alarm Systems

-Outdoor Perimeter Detection Systems

-Hydraulic Road blocker & Pollards Systems

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